Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today was definitely an awesome day! We started the day with some breakfast really early. After doing all the clean up, the rescue students went to set up their dive gear on the bow of Pure Joy, then struggled getting it into the dinghy to transport it 30 ft. to another boat, laughing the whole way. Once we splashed into the water, we sank and two by two practiced search and recovery patterns. Meanwhile, the Neptunes were doing their fish ID dives followed by their boat lecture. Also, the Dolphins did their first underwater naturalist dive followed by a mangrove snorkel. Then we all went to the beach for our first BBQ with all of the AQ students and enjoyed dancing, food and AQ Punch. We are bound to have a great time! Earlier in the day, we went to Leverick Bay and had a great feast for lunch. It was really fun to walk around on land and to phone home. I’m looking forward to tomorrow!