Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today, we woke up early for an adventurous day. We started the day off with breakfast on the go as we sailed to Spanish Town on Virgin Gorda. Everyone was given their phones back at port for a few minutes to check in and chatted with family and friends. Going into our first land day, we dispersed into groups of 3 to 5 and explored the town. Some grabbed a quick lunch at Bath and Turtle, while others went to the store to stock up on snacks. Being on a tight time schedule, we made it back to the boats for a short boat ride to Virgin Gorda’s famous baths. Taking an adventurous route through rock crevices, bridges, and steep staircases, we made our way to the jumping rock. Everything from backflips, 360’s and flip twists were thrown off the 15-foot rock. Today was the first day where our boat was able to intermix with the rest of the fleet. Making it back to the boat, we were only left with a few cuts and scratches from the rock maneuvering. Sailing to our final destination of the day, Trent, Trey, Lauren, and I were at the helm, with everyone contributing to a big day of sail training. We ended the night with burgers made by Lauren and Reed.