Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today was the best day so far on this trip in my opinion. We went to the Baths, a bay that is literally made entirely out of pebbles. A group of us explored the rocks after jumping off the large rock into the swimming area. We basically got lost. If you are familiar with the TV show H20: Just Add Water you’ll understand this: many of the caves in the baths resemble the caves on Mako Island. After the Baths we had time to walk around Spanishtown on the island of Virgin Gorda. Our ship group went to a really good restaurant for lunch and an ice cream parlor as well as hung out with the kids from other boats. Another awesome part of the day was the sailing we did after Spanishtown and the swimming we did at Savanna Bay. I hope that we have many more amazing days like this one.