Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

This morning we woke up extra early, around 6 am, to get to The Baths on time. We were one of the first groups to get there, so we had plenty of time to explore, swim, and take pictures. We hung out there until about 10 am, then headed back to our boat. Afterward, we motored to Spanishtown, where we stayed until 2 pm. While there everyone had plenty of time to have lunch, check out the dive shop, and stop by the grocery store for snacks. After we left port, all boats headed back to Savanna Bay, where we started our dinghy training as well as finished the second part of our swim test, the 800 meters timed swim. Everyone’s success improved from yesterday’s 400-meter sprint, so we were all pretty pleased. We then came back to Saleya, showered, had chili for dinner, squeezed, and then had our nightly dive chat. Tonight we went over chapters 5 and 6 of our divemaster manual, as tomorrow will be our first day of assisting!