Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today was definitely an awesome day. It began very early with us waking up and immediately motoring down to the Baths on Virgin Gorda. While on the way we ate a delicious meal of oatmeal for breakfast prepared by our very own shipmates. After breakfast and a short ride we arrived at the Baths. After arriving we immediately changed into our bathing suits, jumped into a dinghy, and drove to shore. The Baths were absolutely an amazing place. They consisted of many rocky outcroppings with caves and beaches interspaced between. There was also a jumping rock that many people jumped off. Around ten thirty we departed the Baths and docked in Spanishtown, our first real shore leave. We waltzed onto shore and went directly to a restaurant where we ate Hurricane Burgers or grouper sandwiches with a side of delicious chicken wings. It was a great meal. Afterwards we went to the supermarket and stocked up on tons of snacks. After two hours we left to go to Vixen Point. While on the way we raised our sails and began tacking northward to our destination. Unfortunately, while on the way we lost one of the fenders tied to the back, forcing us to undergo an extensive rescue operation, which included releasing our dinghy to go chase it down. Shortly thereafter we resumed our trip to Vixen Point. We we arrived I was required to pilot the yacht backwards in order to attach our ship to the other ships, which will allow us to walk aboard the other vessels to talk with our other friends. Overall this day was incredibly fun and I absolutely look forward to tomorrow. What new adventures will it bring?