Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Breakfast consisted of oatmeal as we raced to get to the Baths. Upon arrival, we climbed along the boulders to get to the cliff called Jumping Rock. There were some jellyfish in the water but it was still a fun-filled day. After jumping, everyone dispersed into various activities like exploring caves and hanging out on the beach. Lunch was spent in Spanish Town where we all got together to eat lunch and explore all the shops that the town had to offer. With stomachs full and bags full of souvenirs, we hoisted the sails and moved to Mountain Point where Dolphin and Neptune students snorkeled their night dive site while the rescue divers practiced their new skills. We had beef stroganoff for dinner. The Dolphins and Neptunes counted down the seconds until their first night dive of the trip. Rescue divers focused on essential rescue skills by watching PADI dive videos and engaging in a group discussion on them. Everyone is looking forward to an equally exciting day tomorrow.