Location: Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

Hi! This morning we woke up to the engines running. We were on the way to Shark Point and had a breakfast of oatmeal and bagels on the way. Our chefs for the day were Natalie and Ryan, who also got help from Dylan and Fernando throughout the day. Matt, Julia, and I sat on the power tower while everyone woke up and listened to Matts’s music with a few suggestions from me. We passed Matt’s favorite spot in the BVI’s called shark bay. He isn’t sure if there are really sharks there. We moored on the same mooring as our sister boat, aquamarine. Ellie and Alexis are getting new friendship bracelets from our new friends. After breakfast, we cleaned a bit, and the rescue group got to plan their own dive and execute it without Cara’s help. The Neptunes went on a fish ID dive with Cat. Preston saw a shark and a giant stingray, and we actually believed him this time. Harley and I made up a rescue dive we missed, and everyone on rescue is now up to speed! Sweet spot squad all surfaced and began working on lunch. After lunch and a little nap time (of course), it was time to shred the gnar. We went in groups of four. Ben kneeboarded and had a fantastic time. While the Neptunes shred gnar, the rescues worked on their EFR course. Natalie was a fantastic EFR victim, and everyone was so excited to get to listen to some songs that weren’t on 106.9 FM to keep the beat when practicing chest compressions. We got our water and diesel refilled then began shower time. All was calm from shower time through dinner until everyone was on the roof, and Fernando’s go pro took a tumble. Fernando and Dylan jumped in and saved the go pros. Now Harley is making us fried Oreos, and everyone is excited. Love y’all goodnight!
Brabee 🙂