Location: Great Harbor, Jost van Dyke

Today we woke up and had a bit of a slow start. We ate oatmeal for breakfast and then headed over to West End, where we started on the first night. When we got there, we went and got Covid tested, and then we all split up between the boys and girls to get food. The girls went to Omars and got breakfast, and the boys went to Pussers and got lunch. Town was very fun because we got to look in some really cool stores and buy some souvenirs. We got back to our boat at around 2 o’clock and talked to some of the other boats before we headed out to Peter Island. We sailed for probably 3 hours while some people took naps and turns on the helm. Everyone was very happy to sail, and the wind was great. While I was awake, Ed and I both helmed the boat, and I know Chili and Miranda also sailed. Jack and James helped with a lot of the sheets and getting us off of the mooring. Everyone else helped with tacking and anchoring when we arrived at Peter Island. We finished with Mexican night for Dinner.