Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

As the trip winds down to the end, our daily activities aren’t. Today we were awoken by our favorite staff members at the ripe hour of 7 am. We crawled out of bed to devour some scrumptious cinnamon sugar oatmeal. We set sail around 8 am and headed to Sopers Hole in West End, Tortola. After around an hour of sailing, we arrived and headed to shore to take covid tests so we can head back home in a few days. After getting our brains poked, we enjoyed 3 hours in town eating lunch, shopping, and talking to our friends from other boats. Today we got to experience our very first Pusser’s, which is a very big restaurant here in the BVI, and we all splurged a little to get matching sweatshirts. By far, my favorite part of the day, maybe even the trip, was enjoying my first iced coffee in 3 weeks; it was a 13/10. After finishing our endeavors on shore, we headed back to the boat at 2 and chugged some red bull before starting our sail to Great Harbor Peter. During our 2 hour sail, most of the boat indulged in some very needed naps while others participated at the helm and enjoyed some downtime in the salon. It is an exciting time down here as we get updates about tropical storm Elsa. The expectation is that the eye passes us pretty far to the south, so hopefully, we will at least get some good sailing winds out of it.
Hugs and kisses