Location: Great Harbour, Peter Island

Still sore from the hike but content from the brownies we had last night we woke up to the oatmeal and early motor to West End. Before we had time ashore, all the shipmates did some boat appreciation by cleaning all cabins, galley, and the deck. Some of us had a second breakfast at D’ Best Cup while others went for an early lunch around 10. Once regrouping on the boat, we sailed back to GHP. While going to GHP, I was miserable trying to impress Sam, but failed by falling asleep at the steering wheel and ended up giving Meg a good laugh at my tiredness. Once attaching to a mooring, we all jumped in for our fun dive. The dive ended up becoming one big photo shoot with Maddie, Beccy, Adam, and Lynn being the photographers. After showers, Lulu and Lyn started dinner which was Mexican Night. Because of last night’s fiasco with Maddie and my brownies and the shipmates going crazy like animals scavenging for food, we were all assigned numbers in which we were allowed to get our burritos in. We are now going to study for our test tomorrow and prepare for the possibility of another scenario.