Location: Underway from Antigua to St. Barth's

The day started at around 2 am. Charter and Artem have been woken up by Andy lifting the anchor while I was woken up when we left English Harbour to go to St. Barthelemy. We were in the cockpit waiting for the sunrise when Charter noticed that a whale followed us. The whale turned out to be the coast guard lurking behind us. They jumped on the boat with their big M-4Õs and checked some safety things. The person sleeping in the salon woke up and freaked out, which was pretty funny for Artem. After they left, we had cups of tea, watched the rest of the sunrise, and all agreed that we really should have asked for pictures with them and their big weapons. At 3 pm, we arrived in St. Barth, which is the “Monaco of the Caribbean.” After cleaning the whole boat, we had a walk in that beautiful little city. I must admit that I felt “back to my land,” especially when we went to the supermarket full of good European food!