Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today started at 6am with our lovely wake up CD. After breakfast rolled on through, we split into our specific programs for the day. Rescue went to do a navigation dive and surface rescue skills. Neptune went to the beach for a game called Ninja and then went for a dive. Dolphin went to dive at the Sand Circles and do leeward vs. windward hike on the island. I loved my day with the Dolphins. During the dive, I saw 27 squid and two stingrays. Seeing the squid and being able to ID them was so amazing. I thought I wasn’t going to see any more animals, but when we went to shore to do our hike, we were greeted by juvenile lemon sharks. This was the best part of the day. Having baby sharks slip by your feet while you wade in the water is an unbelievably, indescribable experience. After the sharks swam away, we went on a hike to see the two sides of the island. I have only ever been on the leeward side of the island, so I’ve never gotten to see the drastically different windward side. As we neared the end of the path, it opened up into a view of giant waves crashing across the rocks. After ocean showers we cleaned up and made chili for dinner. Mike came to visit us and do an activity called Cards in order to help our boat bond even more than we already have. Everyone is so excited for the Baths tomorrow, so we are all going to bed early.