Location: Sommer's Beach, Tortola

Today we started our day off with scrambled eggs and oatmeal on our way to Monkey Point, our dive spot for the day! We set up our gear and got ready to go on our first research dive to collect data for our projects. My group (Whitney, Amelie, Zara, and I) were so excited to not only go on our first dive without instructors but also navigate alone. We were so excited when we made it to the mooring, but unfortunately, we went to the wrong boat… Aqua Marine (our egg war enemy). We derigged, wrote our information down from the dive, and headed to Sommer’s Beach, a beautiful bay where lots of the fun from the day began. We started with dissecting a dogfish (technically a shark) with other dolphin students from the boat Tropicool. We dissected two female sharks, and one had four dogfish fetuses. We learned lots of cool facts about the shark, like how they have a built-in BCD (a swim bladder) to help them with their buoyancy underwater. We then deep cleaned the boat and were each assigned a different task rotating until Yo Dawg was squeaky clean. It took us about an hour and then we all jumped into the ocean and had a swim party! The water was crystal clear and very refreshing. We dried off and got dressed to go to a barbecue with all of the sail side and diveside. We had hamburgers, hotdogs, pasta, and potato salad, talked with other boats, and headed back to Yo Dawg. All of us talked and hung out before getting ready for bed. We saw some shooting stars and went to sleep. I had a wonderful day with lots of memories I’ll forever remember.

Pictured: Uma, Whitney, and Amélie holding the dogfish fetus; Liam explaining how to dissect the dogfish; the shipmates…adjusting to the smell of the dogfish; Zach and Daniel chilling on the hardtop; Zoe, Zara, and Bud swimming at Sommer’s Beach, Whitney, and Uma at Sommer’s Beach