Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today was extremely eventful. We did two amazing fun dives, at the Chimneys and the Coral Gardens. I found a dead jellyfish floating in the water. The title is “Baby Pool Bubble Bath” because we bought an inflatable baby pool and Sam (our divemaster) had a great photo shoot with it. Rio and Walker also had a fun time with it and Lily, and I drifted from our stern in it. Today we had a fish ID lecture. Anyways, today was good and eventful. Doug and I had a soap fight after our mac n’ cheese fight and the bean fight before that, and the Kool-aid fight before that. Whatever though, I won all of them. We have been listening to the morning CD over and over because we don’t have an auxiliary cord. Since I was the skipper, I got to wear the skipper pirate hat. I wore it the whole day including both dives.