Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today started great. When we woke up at 6:30 it was raining pretty bad, but after about 5 minutes it stopped, and we saw an awesome rainbow. It was a double rainbow, and it went all the way across the sky. Then we saw Marina coming back from her early morning dive, and she was so excited because she saw her first manta ray. We ate oatmeal for breakfast and then headed off for West End, where we started our trip. When we got there at around 9, we had until 11 pm to walk around. We all went for another breakfast at some little coffee place, and even though it took a while, it was still pretty tasty. I bought gifts for everyone in my family, and Pando bought food for everyone. After we left West End, we raced Mahi Mahi to Great Harbor Peter where we are now. We drew, and plan on racing again two days from now. We are now on Mahi Mahi because we had dinner with them and it was a lot of fun!