Location: Vixen Point, Prickely Pear Island

Today we had an early start and a yummy breakfast of french toast! After we finished cleaning up, we had our first search and recovery dive. It was a little hard to find the plastic fish and weight belt we were recovering, but we all managed to find them both. Next, we motored to Leverick Bay for a tasty lunch of hamburgers, quesadillas, and pina coladas! A few of us had a little trouble getting off the boat because Sam made us all tie a bowline before we could leave! After we all stocked up on chips ahoy we then motored to Vixen Point for the beach party! It was super fun! We all but on red zinc on our arms in a rescue cross but it ended up getting all over everything! We were all then so proud when Sam did his fire spinning show! When we got back to the boat, everyone was so tired that we all fell asleep right away! It was a great day!