Location: Vixen Point, Prickly Pear

What an awesome day! We began by waking up moored at Mountain Point with the rest of the dive side. After a delicious french toast breakfast courtesy of our cooks, we suited up for our 1st naturalist dive. Hopping in the water was refreshing, as always. The amount of awesome reef life was astounding! We saw so many spectacular fish species and invertebrate life. A few of us saw a gigantic pufferfish swimming along the wall. After getting out and breaking down our dive gear, we disembarked and motored to Leverick Bay. Today I was skipper, so Blair taught me how to control the boat as we traveled around Anguilla Point and through the Cow’s Head. We had a great time on shore eating at Jumbie’s and then going to the grocery store and Dive BVI. Once we got back to the dock and onto the boat, we motored off to the Sand Box and had an awesome time playing beach games and swimming in the ocean. Once we got back to Mambo, we hung out and played cards until it was time to go to the beach BBQ which we are going to now! It’s going to be great! We can smell the burgers from where we are anchored.