Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today everyone had a great day. It started off with a breakfast of cereal. Then a half-hour boat ride to the wreck of the Rhone. We dove on the huge boat wreck, and many people reported seeing a huge shark. Declan, Dylan, and Ben loved seeing parrotfish and diving throughout the ship and seeing a lot of hatchet fish. After the dive, the Wind Shadow crew went on a hike through the sand flats and up a hill. The scenery was breathtaking. After, the staff set up the rope swing on the boom of the ship. Kai and I learned how to do backflips off of the swing. For lunch, we had everyone’s favorite… ramen noodles! Then Leela drove us back to where we started in the morning. Everyone enjoyed breakfast for dinner, then headed down below for their beauty sleep. Overall it was one of the best days ever!