Location: Muskemelon Bay, Guana

The day started off with Ryo and Brandon making some delicious french toast. While the staff was at a meeting we chilled and cleaned on Mambo. When the staff got back we motored to the beautiful Muskmelon Bay where we dove. We were all able to go our own ways with our buddies. The reef was so pretty and lively. After Dani and Lily boarded the boat after surfacing on Blue Venture, Dolphins went turtle tagging! The Neptunes stayed on Mambo with the rest of the other Neptunes. Some of us went skiing and wakeboarding, otherwise we chilled. Apparently turtle tagging didn’t go too well, the didn’t find any turtles. After a delicious dinner made by our lovely chefs, we got our laundry! Highlight of my day! Also, getting an auxiliary chord! We can finally listen to our iPods instead of the morning CD. Now we are getting to go on our third night dive! We’re all very excited and its a great way to end a nice, relaxed day!