Location: Porto Puddu, Sardinia, Italy

Today was a great day. It started as any usual day on Argo, which is never very usual. We all woke up in a haze after a long night of sailing, deep conversations, and fun. We continued on with our normal activities and left for Palau, a small town on the island of Sardinia. While there, most of the group went on a food frenzy, eating all of the good food in sight. After a long morning full of adventure and food, we returned to the boat for a little housekeeping, along with swimming and smiles. It can be considered another great day. In the larger scope of things, the best part of the day was probably the continuation of creating a small family environment on Argo. We have reached the halfway mark and have already become very close. At this point in time, we are starting to understand the little things that make people who they are. Overall I can’t complain and am very excited to see what Argo has in store for us tomorrow!!