Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

The day began casually for those of us in Vega. Due to the nature of our multi-day stay at Vixen Point, we were able to wake up later than usual and prepare a leisurely breakfast of french toast and grapefruit lemonade. As we began our meal, we were joined by those who were training to become divemasters and who had set out earlier in the morning to practice rescue dives. After breakfast had been finished, we were briefed on the day’s activities, which were to consist of teambuilding activities, waterskiing, windsurfing, and instruction on knot tying. From this point, we proceeded to swim to shore, not however before a spectacular, yet brief rainstorm created what was described as a “triple rainbow,” where several rainbows seemed to layer themselves against the beautiful rolling green hillsides on the opposite side of the bay. Once ashore however after the rainstorm had passed, we proceeded to engage in games that required large elements of trust and teamwork, with a notable example being a particular game where one was required to fall into the arms of another who was behind them without attempting to stop their fall. After these activities had been completed, we proceeded to waterski and wakeboard on the sparkling blue waters of the big bay with those new to the sport learning through experience and those familiar to it showing their considerable skill. This was followed by a few hours of windsurfing in fairly calm wind, resulting in a relaxing experience, and finally instruction in how to tie knots such as a bowline and square knot. Later on in the night as this log was written, the waves had become peaceful and the shore beautiful on the pristine island, proceeding what is expected to be another day of activity and instruction in a most relaxing manner.