Location: Tyrrhenian Sea

Today we woke up early after a fun day in Rome and set sail to Sardegna. After eating a quick breakfast, we were off on our all day and night sail! After we set off, we quickly set up the mainsail, main staysail, and forward staysail. For the first time this trip, we set up the Jib, which means the wind was pretty good. After a few hours of sailing, we had our sailing class. We learned about all the different types of flares that Argo carries on board. After the class, we had a BA (boat appreciation) time. This is where we clean all of the cabins and the downstairs areas of the boat. Currently, we are in mid-sail to Sardegna, we are about to approach a canal between a few islands where Nelson, part of the English Navy, hid his fleet from the French Navy and escaped safely. As we come closer and closer to Sardegna, we are all getting more and more excited about the fun times this island will hold.

I just wanted to say hi to my family and friends and hope you are all doing well!
-Mitch F.