Location: English Harbor, Antigua

Today, we awoke to the birds chirping joyfully and the air conditioning running away down below. We had some incredible mini wheats that the chefs, Maggie and Gage, labouriously and lovingly prepared. Shortly following that, we enjoyed a scrumptious funnel cake made by Margaux as a surprise for us. After our delicious, five-star breakfast, we absorbed a plethora of information from our sail chat delivered graciously by Margaux yet again. Our resident boat band, Bleach Boys (with lead singers Oliver, Gemma, Maggie, Chris, and Cameron, and no drummers or instrumental whatsoever) and the one and only Lil’ Freshie (Lana), gave an incredible performance up on the bow following sail chat. Moving on from the wonderful performance followed by a standing ovation, we had a tour of the Nelson’s Dockyard right next to The Moorings base in Antigua, where we are currently docked. We garnered much information from the guide who told us of the incredible history of the dockyard. Afterwards, we had Mac and Cheese made by our celebrity chefs while we commandeered the other stove’s cooktop, as the moorings staff was fixing parts of our boat. We then enjoyed some time roaming around the local area before we embarked on a two hour hike up a hill. All the hard work it took was definitely worth it for the view at the top. At the end of the metaphorical rainbow was a terrific barbecue cooked by Mason and Shona. We had an awesome time. At the end of the day, it was truly an Antigua adventure.