Location: English Harbor, Antigua

Today started with the sweet treat of apple fritters and cereal. After our unique meal, we started a sail chat mostly about types of fire and what to use to fight them. We set out for our short tour of Antigua then had an adventure to the laundromat with a drag race in the dock carts. Once we had made it back, we had a small lunch for people eating on the boat. Once we ate, we had 2 hours of shore time where we had the opportunity for a short hike to the fort at the front of the dockyard. At 3:00, we had returned to the boats for a short period of time before a hike to the top of Shirley Heights, which had taken us about 2 hours up and down. Back at the boats, we had a nice little picnic barbecue. When we finished the cleanup, we had the sweet surprise of ice cream and cookies to end our day.