Location: Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

We began our day with a sail to Shark Point. It was a very hot and sunny morning, so we were very happy to jump into the refreshing blue sea for our search and recovery dive. We split into two teams, one going north and one to the south, to find two plastic squids using the jackstay search pattern. We found them quickly with little difficulty and then surfaced and swam back to our boat. After that, most of our boat did an optional fun dive at Shark Point. It was an awesome dive. My group swam through a beautiful cave. When we exited, we saw a large barracuda. It was an amazing experience. Then we saw a turtle in the distance, so we swam over to it. The turtle played with us, swimming quickly between our legs and around us for a few minutes. In the distance, two of my buddies spotted a shark. We headed towards it but unfortunately, it swam away, so we didn’t get a closer look. Time was up so sadly we had to end our dive. Later, we sailed to Cane Garden to refill our water and to stay overnight. Now we are studying for the oxygen first aid for scuba diver injury exam, which is tonight. Today was an incredible, relaxing, hot day. Your friend, your family, your skipper, signing out.