Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today was another rotation day! We started out doing man overboard drills. The Vegas went on their first open water dive today. They saw a lot of cool fish and even saw an octopus. Most people mentioned this dive as their favorite part of the day during the squeeze, our nightly ritual. Carinas dove too and also had a lot of fun, even though they didn’t see an octopus. I got to get my CPR certification at this time. We all came together for lunch, hot soup on a hot day, we were skeptical but it was delicious! After lunch we went to a navigation chat with Craig. It may have been boring but we learned a lot. Lastly, we had watersports. The majority of our boat was exhausted by this point and opted out. Luckily for Jess and Nathan they chose to go and were able to get up for the first time. Chef Jani was in the galley again tonight, and he and Michael made a delicious Thanksgiving meal. We are currently enjoying free time trying to get awake before we sit through another sail chat tonight.