Location: BVI

Today we started off with an early morning wake-up at 6:45. The chefs (Griffin, Milla, and Margaux), however, woke up early to make some delicious French toast, and we all pilled it on with bananas, apples, Nutella, and syrup. Then we went zesting (which is a tiny sailboat) and windsurfing. Johnathan, Milla, and Tristian did some amazing windsurfing. Miranda and Griffin did some great zesting, and me and Chloe I almost did some bumper boats with them, but we were good. However, Jack and James ran into a catamaran named Liberty three times while laughing the entire time. Then at 9, we went wakeboarding, and everyone got up for at least a couple of seconds. Griffin apparently did a 270 on the kneeboard, but he doesn’t really have any proof. We then went back to the boat and ate some deli sandwiches. Then we went snorkeling in the mangroves, and Vale and Miranda really appreciated the wildlife, and Ava and Chili saw a really rad and gnarly fishy. Then after we got back from snorkeling, we listened to Jess and Julie, who are dive instructors, talk about coral and how it is dying; it was sad but really interesting to learn about. When we got done with that, we all showered and got ready for the barbecue, and all the girls wore really cute outfits, and the guys wore handsome outfits. The food was really good, and we met some new kids from other boats that were really nice and funny. And we had an amazing time and can’t wait till tomorrow.