Location: Sommer's Beach, Tortola

Today we dove and had a rotation day in Muskmelon Bay. Most of the boat went around the bay doing various activities such as waterskiing, Pico sailing, and scuba diving. The divemasters stayed on either he dive boat for sail side A or B and helped the open water divers with underwater skills. The divemasters also had to do a search and recovery dive for weights that had been thrown overboard while our fearless leader searched for Lionfish that have rudely invaded the BVI’s natural environment. Everyone saw a six-foot nurse shark that had camped beneath some rocks below our boat. There were also a couple of stingrays patrolling the sandy bottom of the “sand highway” between two coral heads. The day is ending in the beautiful BVI with the whole fleet meeting on a random sandy beach for a BBQ beneath a virtually cloudless sky.