Location: Leverick Bay, Virgin Gorda

Hi family and friends! Just an update: we are all alive, groovy, and having the time of our lives in the BVI. When we are not sailing or swimming, we spend our time jamming to the bops, eating, sleeping, and bonding. It’s great. Our day started around 7 am, and we enjoyed the views at Vixen Point over our bowls of cereal. The next couple of hours, we learned how to use dive tables- that part was tedious, but we made it through. The twelve of us then piled into our little dinghy boats and went to a mangrove snorkeling site. The lively ecosystem we witnessed was amazing. We saw moon jellies, coral, sea cucumbers, and a variety of fish. We made our way back to our boat and feasted on mac and cheese. The next step was the beach… it was pristine. The twelve of us played foot tag, wrestled, and lounged. A storm rolled in, so we ended our beach time early. Most of us wanted to stay on the boat and chill, but Anthony, Kenobi, Emma, and I went wakeboarding. I was able to stand up for the first time, which was dope, but the following five other times I tried, I just swallowed water. When we came back, we all had below deck freshwater showers, a treat, trust me. Everybody put on their finest for tonight’s BBQ on the beach. Right now about half of the group is above deck dancing and singing to the radio while the other half is below playing card games. We are heading to the BBQ soon, where there will be music, food, and dancing. It will be fun!