Location: 39¼17.45 N 2¼49.1879 E

So, today we woke up with delicious bacon. Andy and I went to mass at the Cathedral at 9 am. The Cathedral is so big, probably one of the biggest Cathedrals I’ve ever seen. It has a Gothic style, well that was our guess, and the mass was either in Italian, Latin or something that they speak in Mallorca, we couldn’t figure it out. By the time we got to the boat, everybody had already left to go around Mallorca again. When we were all back at the boat at three we talked about the things that we had done, and some of the guys bought an Astrolab; another device for finding your location and using the stars. We then started going to our next location. We raised the sails, first by raising the topping lift, divided ourselves into watch teams and while getting out of Mallorca we saw many racing boats with their crews, it was so awesome! The picture I took is of Menorca, and I think it’s amazing to have dinner with everybody on deck while having the sunset on our starboard stern, that we Menorca on our starboard bow and Mallorca on our left. These islands are great! After being here Kris, the captain agrees with us that the Spanish soccer team is better than the English team. Wow right now while writing the blog, I had to plot our position on the map, and we are 2 degrees west of Greenwich!