Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

An early rise to the morning sprang up fast with a hard sail to Cooper Island. Everyone aboard was antsy to move along with the day, due to the unknown forthcoming second dive scenario. First, however, we had two beautiful dives to relieve anxiety. It was impossible to think of anything other than the huge spotted eagle ray slowly emerging from the furthest point of visibility to majestically glide above. Upon returning to the surface, my mind was still on the fantastic creature we had just spotted. Just as all of our comfort and level of relaxation climaxed, the rescue scenario began. We were flung headfirst from our euphoria to a simulated accident that seemed all too real. The vigilance and attentiveness we showed after a mediocre start to scenarios paid off dearly. Although a few mistakes were made, we have shown a drastic improvement. All of our spirits were held at a high point while we enjoyed breakfast for dinner and shared some of our fondest memories of our trip. All is going well here in the BVI’s, just enjoying another day in paradise.