Location: Another Day in Paradise

Today was yet another beautiful day in this paradise we called the Atlantic Ocean. Today, like all days so far on this passage, was eventful and exciting. For Watch Team 1 it meant seeing not only a passing ship at 2 am but also seeing a whale a few minutes later. This instance was then repeated as our sailing class was interrupted when Becca shouted, “Whale” down below. Everybody proceeded to clamber up on deck and stare at the two graceful greyish whales that were just off Argo’s starboard beam. Our classes for the day were even further spiced up as those in the Marine Biology course had an exam while those of us in the TMZ course (pop culture hour) had an exam as well. After another saltwater shower on the deck, we had an amazing Thanksgiving dinner prepared by our amazing staff chef Chris and our shipmate chefs Mac and Emelia. We then celebrated over dessert as we had received news earlier in the day that our shipmate Sally had been accepted into Harvard University! It is now time for another night watch to begin. Who knows, maybe the wind we want will finally fill in from the west.
Fair winds to all,