Location: Bora Bora

Author: Maddy
Today we saw a lot, and it was the best day so far. We awoke to the coolest rainbow that started on the sandbar surrounding Huanine to the island. Then it was the time for our first dive! The certified divers were boated out to a channel where lots of fish swim (which attract bigger fish). It was seriously the coolest experience of my life. We saw an eel, a heard of spotted manta rays, much cool fish and get ready for it – a big school of sharks. The sharks were maybe 2 meters away from us. All together we dove about 80 ft.for 45 minutes with the nicest native dive guides. We arrived back to the boat and got ready for the sail to the southern tip of the island. Being helmsman for the full hour was difficult. There are many things you have to avoid because we were motoring in a small lagoon with a sandbar on one side and the island/ coral reef surrounding the island in the other. After we were anchored and led in a crystal clear water bay, the activities weren’t even close to being finished. A few of us took a long swim from the boat to the sandy white beach. There was a cool sandbar we swam over and then we saw a stingray and a manta ray swam right under Marie! We took a hike to the southernmost point of the island that had some cool history. Caitie, Rebecca, Travis and I found coconut, cracked them open and frank/ate them. The juice didn’t taste all that good as I expected but the meat was really good. After a 30 minute swim, we went back to the boat for showers. I know a few of us are exhausted. After what smells like a really good dinner (tomato tart) I’m sure we’ll have an early night under the stars and get well rested for whatever tomorrow holds for us.