Location: English Harbor, Antigua

Today we were truly living a life of luxury. Last night we prepped the boat for a night passage from the island of Nevis to Antigua. We experienced some difficulties with the engine, so the 98 nautical mile sail was a true sail with no motor power. On the night sail, I had the sunrise shift. The idea of seeing the fabulous sunrise and a tub of chocolate frosting was all I needed to keep me awake. The sunrise was beautiful with stunning shades of orangey orange, happy pink, sunshine purple, blood red, exciting indigo, marinara maroon, waterlily lilac, lavish lavender, fishy salmon, blood clementine, loving rose, vivid watermelon, cherry pop tart, strawberry daiquiri, mango tango, blueberry blush, and lastly electric lemon. The thought of the sunrise will bring us joy and light for centuries to come. The image of the Caribbean sun arising behind a fluffy cloud with the sparkling waters of the sea was a joy to our eyes. After we arrived, we truly began to experience the finer things in life, such as air conditioning and a freshwater shower. As I sit in the chilly air-conditioned saloon writing this blog in a sweatshirt, I truly feel like a queen. All in all, it was another day in paradise.