Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today came and went with incredible speed, and now, looking back at our activities, it feels as if it was yesterday, but in reality, we fit a week’s worth of activities into a single day. Our day started by waking up to a quick breakfast and an even faster start to our second rotation day in a row. The first activity we had was sailing or zesting. The wind was fierce throughout the morning, and about everyone who went out on the water capsized multiple times. Even though there were multiple flips, capsizing just made the zesting experience more exciting. After we all returned to the Sea Señora, we headed off in a super dingy to go water skiing, wakeboarding, and kneeboarding. As this was our third time out attempting these water sports, what at first seemed nearly impossible was beginning to become easier and easier every day (but still not that easy). After returning dripping wet from our sports, we went and had a scuba talk about our dive tables so that we can stay safe diving. Our next activity was to actually go diving and finish our confined water diving skills and be able to go on our first open water dive tomorrow. And after a tiring day of activities, we made dinner and had the director, Mike, come over and eat with us. After our meal, we played a game which Mike brought to share a little more about ourselves to others. We took turns putting down cards that we chose to express something we liked about ourselves, something we wanted to change, and something we think we need to bring to our team. So far, I have experienced many different things throughout our time here, which is going so fast. For example, I’ve learned lots about water sports, sailing, diving, but mostly the people and friends that are around me. I am excited and looking forwards to becoming a better sailer and being able to share my experiences with everyone around me.