Location: 36° 27.299’ N 013° 02.424’ W

It is crazy how time flies, and it seems like just yesterday we left from Bermuda, but already we have traveled 2716nm. I suppose that this is due to the routine that you get into underway, another day another watch. I am so thankful to be able to wake up and watch the sunrise then watch the sunset on a complete horizon, unbroken except for the occasional boat. I am consistently surprised at how delicious the food is, when I signed on I expected canned food every day, I was delightfully surprised to learn we had a plethora of fresh food in our refrigerators. The quiet crash of the bow is music to our ears as we continue sailing through the ocean at a feverish pace, engines? We don’t need any stinking engines- we have sails! The winds are getting stronger as we approach Gibraltar allowing us to make a quick passage.

Also just a shout out to my sisters, parents, grandparents, friends and, dogs, I miss and love you all!