Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today was another rotation day. We woke up early, still fried from our scuba final exam the night before. After a delicious pancake breakfast to lift our spirits, we managed to get in our swimsuits and sunscreen in time for our first rotation: man overboard drills. After saving the “man overboard” multiple times, we took a short break that included a large amount of snacking. Our next rotation was making Turk’s Head bracelets. Although it was hard to get the hang of the pattern, everyone ended up with something. Then it was time for lunch; grilled cheese! Lunch was cut short by a brief rainstorm, so after we reapplied sunscreen, we were ready for Pico sailing. After several capsizes in the two-person sailboats, we got ready for our first open water dive. When we got to the dive boat, we carefully selected and assembled our dive kits and prepared for our giant stride entrance into the water. Upon entering the water, I realized I couldn’t equalize, so I was unable to descend with the rest of the group (don’t worry Mommy, I’m fine). It wasn’t all bad though, because I got to practice my knots up on deck. From what I’ve heard, the dive was cool, with multiple sightings of angelfish, eels, and more. We then returned to the boat and took showers. A scrumptious summertime Thanksgiving dinner was a wonderful end to yet another wonderful day aboard Laurasia.