Location: Porto Vernere and Cinque Terre

The day started with wake-ups at 6:45 or 6:54, whatever. We had a huge awesome breakfast to wake us up and provide us with lots of energy for walk time with Mike through the Cinque Terre… or hell time with Mike as we like to call it. Cinque Terre means Five Lands and is five small towns spread out along an impressive shoreline of steep mountains rising out of the sea. We boarded a ferry that took us along the Cinque Terre trail then had some time on shore after getting off of the ferry at Monterosso al Mare. From there we proceed to a light stroll toward Vernazza… yeah right! The walk was very rewarding, the scenarios and points of view were one better than the other. Once in Vernazza, we had a walk around town and then lunch, right after lunch our group made street music which was funny. We continued to Corniglia, another steep trek. Sadly the trail to Manarola was closed due to over flooding the night before. But the trail did not end there… we found an alternative trail that led to Manarola, and we were separated in two groups; people who wanted to continue walking/ running … and people who didn’t. Before we left to Manaroal, we stayed some time on Vernazza to walk… or get Gelato. The group that didn’t want to continue took a train to Manarola; luckily our timing was so perfect that we ran into the other group at the exit of the train station. Finally, we took the last path to Riomaggiore along the ‘Way of Love’ footpath, which was a gentle stroll along the bottom of the cliffs, decorated with padlocks sealed by lovers. There we took a ferry back to Porto Vernere with everyone exhausted but having had a great time.