Location: Sidney's, Jost van Dyke

Today was such a nice day for a hike, especially a 6-mile hike to the top of the highest point in the BVIs. However, first, we needed an early morning wake-up call at exactly 6:30 am to get ready for the hike and be going to the dock at 7 o’clock. Harley and Ellie stayed behind to help Cat clean the boat, but the rest of Sweet Spot went on the hike. Once we all arrived at the dock, Mike gave us an inspirational speech to push us through completing the difficult hike. He talked about how the hike is just like life and that there will be hard times full of ups and downs, but the journey will provide views and a new perspective. Once he concluded the speech, we began climbing to Mount Sage. It was a steep climb, but once we reached the top, everyone was able to write their name in a leather book proving that they completed the hike; Brabee placed 3rd, Preston placed 4th, and Ryan got to the top before everyone but took a wrong turn in the jungle and got 11th. I personally placed 110th. Once you completed the hike up, you could then go down to the little restaurant and get a banana smoothie to reward yourself. However, the break did not last long as everyone who went up had to take the same trek down. So all those steep hills that we climbed up had to be walked down. Once back down to the beach, all of our boats met at Paradise restaurant, where we had cheeseburgers in paradise, just like Jimmy Buffet. Ben, Fernando, and I got there a bit later than everyone else, and we didn’t get our food until 15 minutes before we needed to be back at the dock for rides back to our boats. When we all got back to the boat, everyone said their goodbyes to family back home and prepared to sail to Sandy Cay for a sandcastle building contest. A sail wouldn’t be complete on Sweet Spot without nap time. We were woken up by Glorious Leader (Matt) and began preparing ourselves mentally and physically to build the best octopus with human feet. Landing on the beach, everyone charged for the sand and rocks that would help us build. Julia, Alexis, and Ellie made the 8 tentacles while Brabee, Fernando, and Preston got the wet sand and rocks that looked like toenails. Dylan and I made the body and helped with tentacles, and Ryan made the feet. The final product was by far the greatest on the beach, and we walked away knowing that we won, even though they hadn’t said it yet. When we got back to the boat, a very quick shower time was in order to get ready for Sydney’s Peace and Love BBQ. There was music and good food that we all enjoyed while also getting Sydneys merch and talking with our friends from other boats. The night came to an end at 10 O’clock as everyone went back to their boats to get ready for bed. It was a long day, and everyone was exhausted; we had some good laughs and awesome activities from today. We are all excited to see what’s in store for tomorrow.