Location: Sandy Spit

Today we had pancakes made by John and Ava, and they were wicked good. After eating we were on our way to dive the Playgrounds. The Dolphins did research, and the Neptunes had a fun dive. Meghann and Marina ended up going over to Panasea to help them with their rescue stuff. For lunch, Kris made us chicken salad because he was so proud of how well we sailed onto the anchor. After lunch, the Neptunes went off, and the Dolphins went on another dive. When everyone got back, some people went kneeboarding. Some went to the beach, and some did work. At dinner today we gave Kris (Princess Peach) his gift. Last night Anna found a hat that has “Princess” written on it and everyone signed it. When it was given to him, it looked like he even blushed a bit and put it right on and he still wearing it. At the moment everyone is cleaning up and getting ready to go to Lifeworks. The whole dive side is getting together, so everyone is excited. We have five more days together, and we will make them count I’m sure. We may not know what’s going to happen tomorrow or a week from now, but we’re all happy, and that’s all that counts.