Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

We woke up this morning to the turning of the engines as we returned to Vixen Point from our celebration of summer party from the previous evening. Our fatigued bodies from the night before appreciated the extra moments of peaceful sleep. With our stomachs rumbling, we devoured our oatmeal and marveled at the beautiful weather. After clean up, our typical rotation day had started. Our first activity was a coral reef conservation discussion with Tanner, the dive instructor from Bavastro. With our enlightened minds, we pondered solutions to today’s ocean crisis, as well as acquiring new knowledge about coral reefs. Once our conversation had finished, we enjoyed the weather by sitting outside on the deck. Lunch was prepared, and our appetites were satisfied with sandwiches. We then shuttled to the beach and continued our normal rotation day routine with Zesting and various water sports. After spending a fair amount of time on the beach, we then prepared to motor to Leverick Bay. There, our snacks were replenished, and water tanks were filled. Our adventure was far from over as we traveled to Mountain Point, where we would anchor for the night and enjoy Mexican night for dinner. Marveling at the sunset, we continued to realize how fortunate we are to do the thing we love, sharing new experiences with new friends.