Location: Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

Today began bright and early in Muskmelon bay. By 7am we were motoring over to our dive site for a short rotation day of advanced open water and open water dive classes. A few of us dive master trainees, myself included, assisted the classes on these dive. Seeing the faces of the newly certified divers was extremely rewarding and exciting for all of us. Many rounds of applause were given and lots of smiling faces were given back. After all of the divers were out of the water, a huge squall of rain consumed the whole fleet, but that didn’t stop us from sailing our way over to Cane Garden Bay where we filled up with fuel and water. After we finished topping that all off, we anchored our beautiful boat and had some time to chill for a bit before our second big dive theory chat to prepare us for the second half of our dive master final exam. Once chill time was over, it was time to study! Simon, our skipper, went over some review questions and helped us refresh our memories on how to use dive tables. The most exciting part of our dive, was when we were interrupted by seeing a mama and baby dolphin! That moment made this whole day complete! They swam around our fleet for a bit before swimming off on their merry way. Tonight we have the night to relax and maybe even watch a movie! Overall, today was a fantastic day and I am more than ready for this final exam now. 🙂