Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today we woke up to Annie throwing Gordo and Sara’s (who are both British) tea overboard. After this reenactment of the Boston Tea Party, we settled down to some fantastic pancakes made by Cooper and Will. Following our marvelous breakfast, we went waterskiing, wakeboarding, and kneeboarding. Cooper and I went after as we both wakeboarded and waterskied. Immediately after we went underway to Road Town. At Road Town, we all ate lunch at Village Cay and shopped at some of the nearby stores. Our voyage back to Peter Island was gorgeous, as we could see the sun making it’s a long journey to the horizon. We enjoyed a relaxing swim/shower upon arrival.

As we dried off as Cooper and Will cooked us up a tasty dinner of eggs, biscuits, and sausage which wrapped up another sensational day in the British Virgin Islands. Happy fourth!