Location: West End, Tortola

Well, it’s the last day, but that’s not stopping us from making the most of every last moment. We started the day off right with some cereal and oatmeal and then sailed to The Indians. It was a self-led dive, which is always really fun. The rock formations were so big and the way the sun filtered through the water and it lit up the reef was so beautiful. There were so many colorful fish chilling and eating the algae off the rocks. We saw a big porcupine fish and a lionfish coming back up to the boat, and we saw a huge barracuda just sitting and looking at all the little fish and observing us. So cool, yet so creepy. On the sail back to West End we started cleaning the boat. It’s spotless now. Realizing the trip is so close to being over is really sad, but I’ve met some really amazing people, created memories, and seen Earth’s beautiful little secret! See you soon!