Location: Annapolis, MD

Today was a GREAT day. I woke everyone up this morning by playing September by Earth, Fire, and Wind. Then we were treated to a lovely breakfast of crepes made by our chefs of the day, Matt and Katie. Once clean-up was over, we got into a dingy and were shuttled over to Quiet Waters Park, where we had time to play lawn games like volleyball and badminton. A very serious game of kick-ball was started with the teams being Jake, Lolo, Evan, and Katie, v.s. Hayden, Brahm, William, Rocco, and I. With Shana as our very fair ref, everyone put their full effort into getting home runs for their team and ensuring the other team could not score by tackling their runners and stealing the plates from their location. By the time we had to leave the park, the score ended with my team leading, 15-7. After a very yummy lunch of pumpkin soup, we prepared to drop our fisherman anchor. This task required many hands, and many of us were on deck working lines pulling the anchor up and dropping it into the water. By the end, we had both our anchors set in place so we could extremely safe and stable for tonight and tomorrow. We also watched a very exciting video made by Smash about our time onboard the trip, filled with videos and photos of past locations and passages. Finally, we are ended the night with very comfy cozy vibes that included creamy pasta, chocolate chip cookies, and a very intense game of trivia. After this fantastic day, I am already looking forward to tomorrow.

(Shoutout to the Mighty Rubins and Hope!)