Location: Little Harbor, Jost Van Dyke

Today we woke up bright and early at 630am in preparation for another fun-filled day. After a quick cereal breakfast, we started to set sail to our destination. Jost Van Dyke where we were going to take some of the kids from the Jost Van Dyke Preservation Society sailing on our boat. We arrived on shore for our 10 am meeting and were lucky enough to meet Foxy beforehand. Susan, the lady in charge of the activities, gave us an introduction to the Societies work in the community as well as showing us the 32-foot yacht that they were building as part of a project. Next, we met all of the kids, and after an icebreaker, we were given a talk about sea bird conservation and tagging. This was to be the focus as we were sailing. The kids had binoculars, and we identified any seabirds we saw whilst sailing. Everyone from Lifeworks was given a buddy from Jost Van Dyke who they were to look after all day, making sure they were safe on the boat, entertaining them. We all then headed for the two boats, it was a little bit of a squeeze but that just added to the fun and it was great to see how excited all of the kids were. We set sail for Sandy Spit, which is a tiny beautiful island that looked exactly like the deserted islands described in the movies. After a lunch of hot dogs and sandwiches, the kids were all desperate to swim, so they jumped into the water around the boat with us. Everyone had great fun even if it was a little crazy, to begin with. Next, we took dinghies to the perfect white sand of the island so we could swim in the shallow water that surrounded it. After some time swimming and playing at the beach, we headed back to the boats. This was followed by five minutes to jump off the boat. Then we headed back to Jost Van Dyke to drop off the kids before we had about half an hour of shore time to explore the island. This was followed by fresh water showers. We all thoroughly enjoyed our refreshing fresh water showers and prepared for the barbecue. We had a delicious meal, enjoyed some live music, and explored the shops. At 11 pm, we headed back to the boats for some well-deserved sleep. Overall, it was a brilliant day; it was very special to share our boat with the kids so they could experience life aboard. We are all ready and raring for the final part of the trip.