Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today we climbed and swam at the Baths of Virgin Gorda and docked a 50 ft. sailboat, all before lunch in the scenic Spanishtown. The Baths are the monumental boulders and cliffs that we climbed all over. They are made out of strong volcanic rocks that have eroded for easy climbing and have an interesting history. The name “Baths” refers to the fact that this was often the end of the middle passage where the slaves bathed. It was an interesting piece of information to reflect on, given the stunning beauty of the Baths. Next, we took a short sail to Spanishtown, right around the bay from the Baths. Our first docking went flawlessly. Lunch was at the Bath and Turtle, a nice restaurant in a shopping complex with a dive shop, art store, and ice cream parlor. I dare you to find a prettier spot for eating my bacon blue cheeseburger that the outside of the Bath and Turtle. Constant cool breezes only enhanced the contrast of the pure white sailboat against the perfect blue and greens of the surrounding islands and water. Upon landing in St. Thomas our flight attendant enthusiastically welcomed us to paradise and it was not five days into the trip, after meeting our international crew and learning how to sail, that I fully realized the meaning of that expression. But wait, there’s more! After lunch, we raised our sails again towards Vixen Point. Along the way, we talked about what is fast becoming our boat’s favorite topics: food, TV, movies, food, people, food, the BVI, food, dive chats, and finally not to be left out, food. In closing I think it fitting after exploring the Baths, Spanishtown, and the waters of Virgin Gorda to amend Robert Frost: we took the roads less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.