Location: Marina Cay

The day started with a trip to port to fill up on freshwater. After breakfast, we embarked on the journey to shore. On the way, we were joined by some dolphins who were also heading to the docks. Once at port, there was only 2 hours on land, which meant petal to the metal trying to navigate around the unfamiliar town looking for food and snacks to bring back to the boat. We visited a local supermarket as well as a French deli which had amazing pastries and baguettes. Once safely back on board our floating homes, we got our phones back to call our homes back on land. After a choppy boat ride, we were off on another adventure on land, this time exploring the Baths, which are a geological rock formation with little coves to explore, complete with stairs, platforms, and ropes to guide you through. There is even a large rock that you can climb and jump off into the water. After we all finished our adventure in the Baths, it was back to the boat in our trusty dingy and some smooth sailing to our anchoring spot for the night.