Location: West End

Today was the first day at ActionQuest for all of us. I, as well as many others, had a layover in San Juan. When we arrived there, we started to feel the warm weather and see the beautiful environment around us. Some of us took that flight that was about 25-30 minutes. As we flew over the islands, you could see the blue water and the green islands and the white/yellowish sandy beaches. This was very exciting to see. When we landed, we got to walk off the plane from stairs that lead to the place where we got our luggage. The warm weather was a good sign to a fun camp experience ahead of us. We got in an open van and drove with the warm wind around us. As we pulled up to the marina, I’m sure a couple of us felt a little nervous, but I think it was a nervousness that made us excited for the next three weeks. We brought our heavy bags into the boat and thought about we will be doing for the next three weeks, and I think we all realized that this is going to be amazing! We started making dinner while the rest of us hung out and played cards. We are all looking forward to the many fun adventures and amazing times that will come as we visit the beautiful islands, swim in the blue water, and get to know our other shipmates better.