Location: Charlestown, Nevis

The day started off with everyone waking from the night passage up to music while getting to look out at Nevis in the early morning sunlight. With the horseback riders (Gemma, Lana, Maggie, and Ben) getting prepared for a great ride along the beach and all throughout the island. They saw a lot of cows wondering around on the ride! After the horseback riders left the bikers (Zack and Chris) needed to get prepared for the long and treacherous bike ride. They said it was hard but a great ride. Unfortunately for everyone that was supposed to go kayaking (Cameron, Oliver and I), it got canceled due to the strong gusts. So instead we spent the morning relaxing on the boat then we went to the beach and spent the day there getting to go snorkeling, attempting to build sandcastles and just all around having a good time. All while the horseback rides and bickers were getting back from there adventures and we all got to hang out on the beach for a while and get lunch at the beach restaurant. Lastly, we got to end the day with our first BBQ with the other Minerva boat, Imane.